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Picture of Mariana Lopez

Dr Mariana Lopez
Principal Investigator

Mariana Lopez has a background in music, sound design and acoustics. Her MA dissertation (University of York) focused on exploring the creation of a new format of sonic art entitled ‘audio film’ that may be considered as an alternative to Audio Description for visually impaired audiences.  In 2013 she completed her PhD at the University of York on the importance of virtual acoustics to further our understanding of medieval drama.

In 2014 Mariana joined the Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute (CoDE, Anglia Ruskin University) as a Senior Research Fellow.  In 2016 she moved to York to start a position as Lecturer in Sound Production and Post Production at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television (University of York).

Mariana is the Principal Investigator for the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project ‘Enhancing Audio Description’ and the British Academy funded project ‘The Soundscapes of the York Mystery Plays’.

Mariana is also active in the field of sound design, having worked on a number of short films and theatre productions.
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Picture of Gavin Kearney

Dr Gavin Kearney

Gavin Kearney graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2002 with an honors degree in Electronic Engineering and has since obtained both MSc and PhD degrees in Audio Signal Processing from Trinity College Dublin. During this time he worked (and continues to) in the audio industry as sound engineer and producer. After his PhD, he spent time as a postdoctoral research fellow in game audio on the Science Foundation Ireland ‘Metropolis’ project, whilst lecturing on the Interactive Digital Systems and Music and Media Technology courses at Trinity College. He first joined the University of York as a Lecturer in Sound Design at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television in January 2011 and has since been appointed as a Lecturer in Audio and Music Technology at the Department of Electronics. His research interests include spatial audio and surround sound, sound design for film, television and interactive media, real-time audio signal processing, Ambisonics and spherical acoustics, interactive audio systems, recording and audio post-production technique development.

Picture of Krisztian Hofstadter

Krisztián Hofstädter
Research Assistant

Krisztián is a researcher in the field of music technology. He works with our Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute on the Enhancing Audio Description project.

Krisztián completed his BA (2009) and MA (2013) in Creative Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin University and started his PhD in Music in 2015. His doctoral research explores the development of Brain Computer Music Interfacing software for stress management and meditation.

Krisztián has also been working as a university lecturer, composer and sound designer, music technician, live sound engineer and arts event organiser.

Lewis Thresh

Lewis Thresh
Research Assistant

Lewis graduated from the University of York in 2016 with an MEng degree in Electronic Engineering with focus on Music Technology Systems and is now working as a researcher at the University of York Audio Lab.

In the past, Lewis has worked at the Audio Lab as both a software engineer (2015) to implement a real time graphical and DMX lighting show and as a researcher (2016), using spatial audio techniques such as Ambisonics to implement a virtual reality system.

He has also worked as an audio engineer, producer, sound designer and musician within York.

Morgan French

Morgan graduated from the University of York last year with a BA in history and is currently working as an intern on the Enhancing Audio Description project to expand her professional experience. She previously volunteered at the York Art Gallery to improve accessibility and deliver information on the collection.

She has a keen interest in media relations and public engagement and will be working with the team to assist in the organisation of our conference at the end of the year, and among her other responsibilities she will contribute content for our website.


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Howard Bargroff

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Jerry Gilbert

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Lisa Holdsworth

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Elfed Howells

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Sonali Rai

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Jez Watts

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John Whiston

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Warren Wilson