Mariana sitting on hill with microphones.

Mariana's Interview on the Field & Foley Podcast

Mariana had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ben Reichstein on his captivating podcast, Field & Foley.

Ben’s podcast series explores the fascinating world of field recording and Foley art, providing a unique insight into sound design and offering tips, stories, and knowledge for all audio enthusiasts.

The work on EAD was a highlight of the conversation. Mariana explained the EAD methods, which include a combination of sound effects (either added or rebalanced in a mix), sound spatialisation through binaural audio to change the position of both dialogue and sounding objects, and the use of first-person narration.

Mariana also discussed her expertise in acoustical heritage and historical soundscapes, through the exploration of projects such as The Soundscapes of the York Mystery Plays, which allows users to access the recreation of the acoustics of the performance spaces used for the medieval drama cycle, the York Mystery Plays, while also exploring the unknowns linked to acoustical heritage research and medieval studies, and allowing the user to build their own version of the soundscapes - all based on extensive research in the field.

Mariana also highlighted the work by Dr Lidia Álvarez Morales on Cathedral Acoustics and Dr Cobi van Tonder’s Acoustic Atlas work, both funded by the European Commission and who Mariana had the pleasure to work with during their fellowships at University of York.

The conversation also highlighted her creative work, in particular her recent sound design for Pilot Theatre’s VR experience Monoliths, produced by Lucy Hammond. For Monoliths Mariana did recordings of three Yorkshire sites: the Hole of Horcum in the North York Moors, the seaside in Scarborough and Bradford’s city centre. Mariana was very taken by the highland cows in the North York Moors, whose sound can be heard in the experience, and an example of how the sound design prompted the visual design - which also includes a cow as a result of the soundscape.

Thank you very much to Ben for the invitation to speak at the podcast, it was an incredibly positive experience.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch our own podcast series, where we will continue to inspire and inform audio enthusiasts like you.