The Enhancing Audio Description II project seeks to explore the potential of sound design practices and spatial audio to provide accessible film and television experiences for visually impaired audiences. It fuses audio technology and creativity to widen the notion of media accessibility and increase the quality and quantity of provision, providing cutting edge techniques to the UK cultural sector. Find out more.

Binaural listening test room

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    ‘Our new logo.’

    New EAD logo by Oswin Wan

    We are delighted to announce that we have a new logo thanks to the wonderfully talented Oswin Wan. Find out more.

    ‘A girl and a boy are walking up a road in the countryside. A frame from the film Spines.’

    DARCI Ep.02

    In this episode Mariana interviewed Joseph Inman, a film director working in Cornwall, director of Spines. Find out more.

    ‘A screenshot of our online meeting with people smiling.’

    Visible Mending BAFTA Nomination

    Congratulations to the Visible Mending Team on their BAFTA Nomination! Find out more.

    ‘A screenshot of our online meeting with people smiling.’

    Annual Advisory Board Meeting

    In December 2023 we hosted our annual Advisory Board Meeting online, an opportunity to update our board on what we’ve been up to as well as seek advice on ways forward. Find out more.

    ‘A photo of studio with a computer screen, microphone and headphones.’

    DARCI Ep.01

    We're pleased to introduce our new podcast, DARCI, which stands for Disability, Accessibility, and Representation in the Creative Industries. Our first episode is a brief introduction to what we hope DARCI will achieve and to what our team members have been working on. Find out more.


    Conference in Italy

    Last September, Michael got the chance to present some of our research from the EAD project at the Immersive and 3D Audio conference, at Bologna Italy. Find out more.

    ‘The short film's poster, featuring the main actors.’

    Neurodiverse Talent and Crew

    Delve into the journey of Spines, the first BFI Network-funded film to be written, directed, and starring an autistic person. Find out more.

    ‘A photo of Jerome’

    Jerome's Internship Experience

    We are excited to have had Jerome doing an internship through us. In this post he sums up his experience delving into the intricacies of sound mixing for high-budget films and TV with the London based Formosa Group. Find out more.

    An image with two frames from the short films discussed.

    Panel discussion with filmmakers at King's Manor

    Discussion on accessible filmmaking within the context of the EAD methods. Find out more.


    Our team carries out focus groups, interviews and other sessions on a regular basis. If you are visually impaired and are interested in participating you can sign up to our participants' mailing list below to find out about the opportunities available.