This section contains a list of blog posts featuring our videos.

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Leeds School of Arts

On 27 April 2022, Mariana gave a talk titled Enhanced Audio Description - Sound, Design, Creativity and Integrated Access at the Leeds School of Arts, now archived on YouTube. Find out more.

A frame from the movie Shelf Life.

Shelf Life

In this post, you can watch our short film Shelf Life and read about why we made it. Find out more.

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Pearl is a short film (Palumbo, 2014) whose soundtrack was redesigned as part of our project in 2016. The soundtrack uses the EAD principles to provide an accessible experience for visually impaired audiences, that is based on creative sound design practices, including binaural audio and first person narration. Find out more.

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BBC Sounds Amazing

On 25 Oct 2020, Mariana gave a presentation at BBC Sounds Amazing - Celebrating Innovation in Audio. Find out more.

Photo of Mariana addressing an audience.

AES Annual Meeting and Lecture

On 7 Feb 2018, at King's College London, Mariana (then elected chair) gave a public lecture after the annual meeting. The meeting was followed by a social at the Shakespeare’s Head in Holbourn. Find out more.

EAD video trailer frame.

EAD Video Trailer

In this post you can see and hear our first video trailer for the project featuring Mariana, Gavin, Warren and Maxine. Find out more.

A photo collage with Krisztian playing audio games.

On Audio Games and Accessibility

As part of our research on the use of sound design to make films and TV programmes inclusive, we have been looking into the field of Audio Games, that is, games in which audio is the main way of communication and entertainment and which can be played regardless of one’s sight condition. Find out more.


‘A girl and a boy are walking up a road in the countryside. A frame from the film Spines.’


In this episode Mariana interviewed Joseph Inman, a film director working in Cornwall, director of Spines. Find out more.

‘A photo of studio with a computer screen, microphone and headphones.’


We're pleased to introduce our new podcast, DARCI, which stands for Disability, Accessibility, and Representation in the Creative Industries. Our first episode is a brief introduction to what we hope DARCI will achieve and to what our team members have been working on. Find out more.

Mariana sitting on hill with microphones.

Mariana's Interview on the Field & Foley Podcast

Mariana had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ben Reichstein on his captivating podcast, Field & Foley. Find out more.

A photo of Olivia and Agnieszka presenting at our conference.

Olivia Gerber-Morón and Agnieszka Szarkowska at our Conference

You can listen to the presentation Olivia and Agnieszka gave at our conference, in our 7th podcast, titled What Makes a Good Subtitle? - Understanding People’s Views on Subtitling Quality. Find out more.

A photo of Maria presenting at our conference.

Maria Oshodi at our Conference

You can listen to the presentation Maria gave at our conference, in our 6th podcast, titled A Brief History of Integrating Description in Theatre by Visually Impaired Artists. Find out more.

A photo of Kerr presenting at our conference.

Kerr Castle at our Conference

You can listen to Kerr's presentation at our conference, in our 5th podcast, titled An Audio Art Form - Accessing the Visual of TV with Audio Description. We uploaded the pod under his previously published interview. Find out more.

A photo of Lauren presenting at our conference.

Lauren Ward at our Conference

You can listen to the presentation Lauren gave at our conference in our 4th podcast titled Television Dialogue; Balancing Audibility, Attention and Accessibility. Find out more.

A photo of Mariana addressing an audience with a microphone.

Review on Our Conference

We haven’t had a blog post for a while, but we are now back with some news, a new podcast and some reflections from Mariana! Find out more.

The poster of our TATE event.

The Screening at TATE Britain

On 23 Sep 2017 we hosted a digital exhibition in the TATE Britain, London to showcase the research of the project into how sound design techniques can be used to rethink accessibility to film and television for visually impaired audiences. Find out more.

A photo of Mariana standing.

AD, the Art of Access, London

On 21 October, the Marian gave a presentation at the Audio Description - the Art of Access Conference, in the Young Vic Theatre, London in Panel 2, The Aesthetics of Access. The presentation's title was Integrating Sound Design to Audio Description. Find out more.

A photo of Mariana presenting.

York Festival of Ideas

We have uploaded our first podcast which contains audio extracts from Mariana’s talk at York Festival of Ideas on June 13 2016. Find out more.

Our podcast can also be enjoyed via our playlist on our Soundcloud account.