The Enhancing Audio Description II project seeks to explore the potential of sound design practices and spatial audio to provide accessible film and television experiences for visually impaired audiences. It fuses audio technology and creativity to widen the notion of media accessibility and increase the quality and quantity of provision, providing cutting edge techniques to the UK cultural sector. Find out more.

Binaural listening test room

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    The Space & BBC Academy Accessibility Workshop

    On 20 April 2017 Mariana run a workshop titled How Digital Tools Can Help Make Arts More Accessible in Nottingham and participated in a discussions on Digital Tools which focuses on how digital innovations are helping make the arts more accessible. Find out more.

    A photo of the Citizens Theatre building.

    The Start of the AD movement in Scotland

    An interview with Susan Gibson, an early supporter of live AD in Scotland. Find out more.

    A photo of Queens University Belfast.

    Queen’s University Belfast

    On 13 March 2017 Mariana gave a seminar at Queen’s University Belfast titled EAD - Digital Audio and Accessibility to Film and Television, in which she discussed the concepts behind the project as well as initial findings. Find out more.

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    Conference News

    We are thrilled to announce that we have confirmed Maria Oshodi, Director of Extant as a keynote speaker at our Conference on Accessibility in Film, Television and Interactive Media. Maria’s keynote will be followed by a demo of Flatland. Find out more.

    Illustration with a bat using echolocation.

    ‘Perception’ Game in the Pipeline

    Game developer, Deep-End Games is funding their new horror video game, Perception, through Kickstarter. How is this game related to our Audio Description research? Find out more.

    A photo of a young girl cycling with a VR headset on her head.

    Exciting Projects On Accessibility Part 2

    We have encountered too many interesting projects to fit into our last blog post on exciting projects, so here is part two. Find out more.

    A photo of a theatre mask.

    Staging Accessibility at the Theatre

    Accessibility should take centre stage as a creative consideration at the theatre. Find out more.

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    Press Publication

    On 23 February 2017, Disability Sports Network interviewed Mariana in their Speed of Sound programme.

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    Exciting Projects on Accessibility

    Whilst working on the EAD project we’ve been impressed by lots of exciting research studies, which share our aim of promoting accessibility and social inclusion. Here are just a few of them. Find out more.


    Our team carries out focus groups, interviews and other sessions on a regular basis. If you are visually impaired and are interested in participating you can sign up to our participants' mailing list below to find out about the opportunities available.