Mandi Lynn

Photographer and Director

Mandi is a documentarian and multi-award-winning photographer that runs Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust in New Zealand. The trust is a passion project gone berserk and now teaches the innovation mindset through visual storytelling to youth from all over New Zealand in a program called Click Happy. Finding Venus is Mandi's directorial debut and was another passion project that grew much longer legs than anticipated. Mandi and her crew are the first and currently only documentary team to ever win a coveted Fresh Shorts Grant from the NZ Film Commission. The story behind the movie is the subject of her TEDx talk "Every Body is a Treasure". She can either be found behind her computer at her home in Wellington writing grant proposals or reading research papers for her masters in social and community leadership, or she is on the road in her Vintage Caravan with her dog Gritty putting on Visual Poetry Jams at schools around New Zealand.

Photo of Mandi.