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Visible Mending BAFTA Nomination

Congratulations to the Visible Mending Team on their BAFTA Nomination!

We are excited to announce that Visible Mending, a project we hold close to our hearts, has been nominated for the Best British Animated Short at the British Academy Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards.

Visible Mending was mixed at the School of Arts and Creative Technologies last summer by Mariana. In addition to this our EAD team worked on the creation of an accessible version of the film in close collaboration with the creative team, including director Samantha Moore and producer Tilley Bancroft.

The EAD version was created through the addition of sound effects including Foley, which was the result of the collaboration between Mariana and Chaimae. In addition to this, Mariana worked very closely with director Samantha Moore to use the original recordings by contributors - those extracts that hadn’t made it to the final film - to contextualise visual elements using the contributors’ own words. To complement this, they worked with Pete Johnson to record additional lines, in which Pete enters a conversation with the contributors to provide additional access. At the end, Gavin and Mariana worked on the final mix, applying panning to voices and sound effects to provide further information on location of characters and elements to visually impaired audiences.

The short film can be played with the embedded video player below. You can access the full film through the embedded video player below. There are two soundtracks available and you can select which one to listen to by going to the settings symbol (the cog) and selecting the soundtrack you’d like to listen to. By default, the video is set to the original soundtrack, so please change it to the EAD version before playing which is called ‘English UK Audio Descriptions’.