Spines, a film with EAD; screening and Q/A

Join us on Saturday 8th June in London for a screening of the short film Spines, written and directed by Joseph Inman, followed by a Q/A.

Date: Saturday 8th June
Time: 1:30–3pm
Speakers: Mariana López and Joseph Inman
Venue: Dolby Europe Ltd, 4-6 Soho Square, London W1D 3PZ, UK

The event will focus on how the Enhanced Audio Description (EAD) methods were applied to the film through a collaboration between accessibility and creative teams. The EAD methods are an alternative to Audio Description, in which sound design, audio spatialisation and first person narration are used to provide an accessible experience for visually impaired audiences.

We’ve written more about the journey of Spines, the first BFI Network-funded film to be written, directed, and starring an autistic person here as well as have intereviewed the director Joe in the second episode of our DARCI podcast which you can find here.

Book your free ticket here and if needed, email our enhancingad@gmail.com for further information.

Spines poster. Boy sitting by the table.