Women In Research Talk 2024

Mariana's talk titled 'On Roses and More... reflections on inclusion in sound design practices' for the Women in Research Network now is available online. In her presentation she shared insights from her personal journey of inclusion and exclusion, alongside our innovative EAD research.

Reflecting on International Women’s Day events, Mariana’s talk first expressed scepticism toward symbolic gestures of gender equality, emphasising the need for tangible actions. She recounts her challenges in a male-dominated field, highlighting instances of bullying she faced when advocating for gender equality in audio. Then, she introduces the EAD methods, explaining how sound effects, spatial audio, and narration can enrich the viewing experience for visually impaired audiences. Using examples from Visible Mending, she illustrates the seamless integration of accessibility features while preserving artistic integrity. In conclusion, Mariana’s talk underscores the transformative potential of accessible media in fostering social inclusion.